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We are a group of marine aquarium lovers centered around the Rhinelander, Wisconsin area. Our members span all the way from northern Wisconsin to the Upper Penninsula of Michigan.

We started the club in 2007 with the gracious help of Drs. Foster and Smith. We typically meet monthly: either at a club members home to see their tank setup, or at the Drs. Foster and Smith Coral Farm.

Our current member base is around 60 paid members. Current officers voted in 2009/10 are:

  • President - John
  • Vice President - Rob
  • Secretary - Heather
  • Treasure - Brice
  • Trustees - Andy, Bill, Jim & Kyle

    We are a casual, easy-going group who is just out to have a lot of fun, and learn from everybody else! We try not to take ourselves too seriously. We are really lucky that we get to utilize the DFS Coral Farm from time-to-time, so that makes our club even more special! Most clubs don't even get to tour the farm except once a year, and we get to meet there whenever we want!

    Interested in joining this great group?
    A small $10.00 yearly membership fee gives you access to:

    • Speaker sessions – learn from experts in the marine reef industry!
    • Raffles for hundreds of dollars worth of items.
    • Annual access to Open House at the Drs. Foster & Smith Aquaculture Coral & Marine Life Facility to purchase any items available.
    • Access to private web forum, available to members-only.
    • Access to club group buys.
    • Chance to see other reef tanks in the area.
    • Opportunities to buy/sell/trade coral, fish, equipment, etc. locally
    And most importantly:
    Being able to talk with other people from the area who are interested in reef aquariums like you!

  • If you are intersted in joining NRWS you can get information on becoming a member: HERE 

    Any questions about NWRS or joining our club will be quickly answered by contacting our club. Treasure or Administrator

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